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XM™, a leading provider of online trading services, embarked on a mission to enhance its mobile trading experience for clients. They sought to achieve significant growth in app installs, improve keyword rankings on app stores, and optimize the overall user experience.


Low app installs and limited user engagement.

Inadequate visibility on app stores due to poor keyword rankings.

Fierce competition in the online trading industry.


Increase app installs and user engagement.

Improve keyword rankings on app stores.

Optimize the app store presence for maximum visibility.


XM™’s commitment to improving the user experience, combined with an effective ASO strategy and content marketing, led to outstanding results. With 500% keywords growth and top rankings for key search terms in just 12 weeks, XM™ not only achieved its objectives but also cemented its position as a leader in the online trading industry.

The Results

In just 12 weeks, XM™ achieved remarkable results:


  1. App Installs: The user-friendly app design led to a significant increase in app installs, surpassing their initial target.


  1. Keywords Growth: The proper keyword research and ASO implementation resulted in a staggering 500% growth in targeted keywords within 3 months.


  1. Keyword Rankings: Three critical keywords essential for XM™’s app visibility ranked at impressive positions – number 2, 3, and 5 on app stores. This remarkable achievement placed XM™ at the forefront of their industry.
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