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Wooden Owl Design, a prominent furniture manufacturer. Seeking to enhance brand visibility and attract a wider audience, Wooden engaged our services for social media marketing. Through an effective social media strategy, we were able to significantly increase their social media reach and generate valuable organic traffic, resulting in a substantial growth in brand awareness and customer engagement.



Amplify the reach and visibility of Wooden Owl’s social media accounts

Increase the number of followers on Wooden Owl’s social media platforms

Drive organic traffic to the Wooden Owl’s website for increased sales opportunities.




Targeted Content: We curated visually appealing posts showcasing Wooden Owl’s furniture, emphasizing unique features and craftsmanship


Audience Targeting: Thorough research helped us refine our targeting strategies, reaching the most relevant audience segments


Compelling Visuals: Eye-catching images and captions showcased Wooden Owl’s furniture in various settings, captivating the audience


Strategic Hashtags: We used industry-specific and trending hashtags to increase content discoverability and reach.



The social media strategy executed for Wooden Owl Design successfully enhanced their online visibility and audience engagement. Our targeted approach led to a significant increase in social media reach and followers, and a notable boost in organic website traffic. This campaign effectively demonstrated the impact of tailored social media marketing in growing brand awareness and engagement in the furniture industry

The Results

AD Expanded Reach: Our efforts led to a significant increase in Wooden Owl’s social media reach, generating more impressions and a broader audienceD


Follower Growth: Wooden Owl’s follower base experienced notable growth, attracting an engaged community interested in furniture and designD


Increased Organic Traffic: Targeted content and strategic hashtag usage drove a substantial boost in organic traffic, fostering engagement and potential conversions.

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