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WebMD, a leading healthcare app, to optimize its app performance and drive user acquisition. WebMD approached us with the goal of increasing app installs, improving application ASO, and executing an effective user acquisition campaign. Through our comprehensive strategies and expertise, we achieved remarkable results, revolutionizing WebMD’s healthcare app performance in a highly competitive market.



App Installs: Through targeted digital marketing efforts and compelling ad creatives, we attracted a significant number of app installs. Real-time optimization maximized impact and ROIO


Application ASO: We optimized app metadata, including keywords and descriptions, to improve visibility in app stores. This led to higher app rankings and increased organic downloads

User Acquisition Campaign: Precise audience targeting, engaging ad formats, and persuasive messaging resulted in a surge of new users. App engagement and growth were significantly enhanced.




Our strategic campaign for WebMD’s healthcare app significantly enhanced its market presence, achieving a 450% increase in keyword rankings and securing the top 10 positions for key terms within 5 weeks. This multifaceted approach, combining targeted digital marketing, App Store Optimization, and user acquisition tactics, led to a surge in app installs and user engagement.

The Results

Keywords Rank Growth: Achieved a remarkable 450% increase in keyword rankings, boosting visibility and discoverability


Top 10 Rankings: Within 5 weeks, 8 strategically chosen keywords started ranking in the top 10, driving organic traffic and user Acquisition


Enhanced App Performance: The combined efforts led to improved app performance, user engagement, and positive feedback.

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