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Octafx, a prominent player in the online trading and CFD sector, aimed to boost user engagement and deposits in the Indian market.


Increase User Engagement, Boost Average Deposits and Expand Market Reach


Targeted Advertising: Utilized digital advertising channels to target potential traders in India, focusing on those showing interest in financial markets and trading.

Incentivization Strategies: Implemented strategies to encourage downloads and initial deposits, including bonuses and introductory offers.

Performance Tracking: Monitored user engagement and deposit patterns to optimize the campaign for better performance and higher ROI.


The CPD and CPA campaign for Binomo in India was a resounding success, achieving its objectives of increasing user engagement, boosting average deposit values, and expanding market reach. The strategic approach in targeting, incentivization, and performance tracking played a crucial role in driving high-quality user acquisition and enhanced trading activity on the platform. This case study demonstrates the effectiveness of tailored financial marketing strategies in the competitive world of online trading and CFDs.

The Results

User Engagement: Successfully attracted a significant number of new users to the Binomo platform, with an emphasis on quality leads likely to engage in active trading.

Increased Deposits: The average deposit amount rose to $113, indicating a higher level of commitment from new users.

Market Penetration: Successfully expanded Binomo’s user base in the Indian market, with a total trading volume reaching 13,200 over the 110-day campaign period.

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