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SEO Enhancement for MyGlobalCitizenship


Client: MyGlobalCitizenship’s journey to amplify its online presence in the niche market of citizenship-by-investment and residency-by-investment services. Focusing on a strategic SEO campaign, the objective was to enhance their digital visibility, attract the right audience, and establish the consultancy as a leading authority in this specialized sector. 

Objective: To boost MyGlobalCitizenship’s online visibility and search engine rankings to attract more clients.

SEO Audit and Strategy: Conducted a comprehensive SEO audit and developed a customized strategy focusing on industry-specific keywords.


On-Page Optimization: Enhanced website content, meta tags, and technical SEO aspects.


Content Creation: Regularly updated the blog with relevant, authoritative content.


Backlink Strategy: Built high-quality links from authoritative sites in related sectors.


Local SEO: Optimized for local search queries to target specific regions.



The focused SEO strategy for MyGlobalCitizenship significantly enhanced their online presence, leading to a substantial increase in both website traffic and client inquiries. By improving keyword rankings and establishing a stronger online authority, the campaign effectively expanded its reach in the citizenship and residency consultancy market.

The Results

Organic Traffic Increase: Achieved a 70% increase in organic website traffic.


Keyword Ranking Improvement: Secured top 5 rankings for several targeted keywords.


User Engagement: Reduced the website’s bounce rate by 30%.


Client Inquiry Growth: Saw a 50% increase in client inquiries through the website.

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