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Highlighting the digital transformation of Mooodstore, a Saudi Arabian enterprise specializing in the latest electronic products. Focus on the store’s commitment to offering cutting-edge technology and consumer electronics.

Client Background


Mooodstore is a Saudi-based retail hub for electronic goods.

Offers a diverse range of the latest gadgets and tech appliances.

It aims to cater to tech-savvy consumers looking for quality and innovation.




Mooodstore faced lower online traffic and struggled with converting views into sales. The competitive market for electronic goods demanded a strong digital advertising presence. It required a strategy to boost online visibility and improve sales figures.


Our Solution


Revamped Google Ads campaigns to target the tech-oriented consumer base. Optimized ad placements and keywords specific to the electronic products market.


Ads Focus


The refined Google Ads strategy led to a 40% increase in clicks with a 50% reduction in costs. Enhanced shopper engagement, with the Average Order Value (AOV) rising by 38%. Net ROAS improved to 7 times the ad spend. Specific results included a tripling of Google ROAS and a 5.4x increase in Meta ROAS.




Mooodstore’s investment in tailored Google Ads campaigns translated into substantial online growth. The store now shows how targeted digital marketing can lead to remarkable results in the competitive electronics market. Mooodstore’s case reinforces the value of strategic online advertising in expanding its reach and driving sales in the tech retail industry.

The Results

Mooodstore experienced a marked improvement in both traffic and conversion rates. The strategic ad campaigns effectively attracted and retained customers interested in electronic products.

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