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iROOMit is not just a platform for finding roommates and renting rooms; it’s a unique connector of people, whether they’re newcomers in a city or locals seeking a new environment. The challenge was to elevate iROOMit’s digital presence across various channels to connect with a broader audience.



Application ASO, User Acquisition, Website SEO, Google Search Campaigns, Google Lead Generation Campaigns and  Social Media Marketing




ASO and SEO Implementation: Conducted thorough keyword research and optimization to enhance visibility in app stores and search engines.

Targeted App Install Campaigns: Developed and executed strategic campaigns focused on user acquisition.

Google Search and Lead Generation Campaigns: Utilized Google’s advertising network for targeted search campaigns and lead generation.

Social Media Strategy: Crafted and implemented a comprehensive social media marketing strategy to engage with the target audience and build brand awareness.



The strategic digital marketing initiatives undertaken for iROOMit resulted in remarkable improvements in app and website visibility, user acquisition, and keyword rankings. This multi-faceted approach not only enhanced iROOMit’s presence in a competitive market but also established a solid foundation for continued growth and user engagement in the realm of roommate finding and room rentals.

The Results

Keywords Rank Growth: Achieved a 450% increase in keyword rankings, significantly boosting online visibility.

Top 10 Rankings: Within just 7 weeks, 4 key keywords started ranking in the top 10 positions.

Enhanced App and Website Visibility: The combined efforts in ASO, SEO, and targeted campaigns led to a substantial increase in app installs and website traffic.

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