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Unveiling the digital marketing success story of Elisa Fashion, a purveyor of trendy and exclusive teenage fashion. Emphasizing their niche in providing unique fashion options for the discerning teenage demographic.

Client Background


Elisa Fashion stands as a distinctive Belgian boutique for teenage fashion.

Specializes in offering exclusive, trendsetting apparel for teenagers seeking individuality in style. Committed to capturing the essence of teenage fashion through a curated selection of clothes.




Elisa Fashion grappled with low online engagement and a need for improved digital reach. The niche market for exclusive teenage apparel required a more effective online marketing approach. The challenge was to increase traffic and convert that traffic into tangible sales growth.


Our Solution


We deployed a sophisticated Google Ads campaign tailored to Elisa Fashion’s unique brand and audience.

The campaign was structured to enhance online discoverability and attract the boutique’s target demographic.


Ads Focus


The Google Ads refinement resulted in a 50% surge in click rates, alongside a 50% cost reduction.

Shopper engagement intensified, with the Average Order Value (AOV) increasing by 40%.

Net ROAS soared to 5.6 times the initial ad spend.

Achieved a threefold rise in Google ROAS and a 5.2x growth in Meta ROAS.




The strategic Google Ads initiative propelled Elisa Fashion to new heights in the online retail space for teenage fashion. This success story exemplifies the power of targeted digital advertising in enhancing market presence and driving sales for niche fashion segments. Elisa Fashion has now set a benchmark for leveraging digital marketing within the exclusive teenage fashion industry.

The Results

Elisa Fashion witnessed a notable boost in both website traffic and shopper interaction. The targeted ad strategy led to a significant rise in sales, confirming the efficacy of the campaign.

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