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Creative Homes, a prominent real estate company. Seeking to enhance their online presence, attract more customers, and boost sales, Creative Homes engaged our social media services and paid advertising expertise. Through a comprehensive approach that included strategic promotional posts, targeted advertising campaigns, and a data-driven approach, we achieved remarkable results, driving a significant 45% increase in sales within a single month.



Enhance Creative Homes’ brand visibility and awareness on social media platforms. Create compelling and engaging promotional posts to attract potential customers. Drive substantial sales growth and increase revenue through targeted advertising campaigns.




Social Media Promotion: We created compelling and visually appealing posts to attract potential customers and increase sales for Creative Homes.


Paid Advertising Campaigns: Utilizing social media platforms’ advertising capabilities, we implemented targeted paid campaigns to reach a broader audience and drive conversions


Enhanced Visibility: Our strategies focused on increasing brand visibility, engagement, and interactions on social media platforms


Organic Traffic Generation: By optimizing content and utilizing effective marketing techniques, we drove organic traffic to Creative Homes’ social media accounts.



Our strategic blend of social media promotion and targeted paid advertising for Creative Homes resulted in a significant 100% increase in sales. This approach effectively enhanced the brand’s online visibility and engagement, demonstrating the impactful combination of organic and paid marketing tactics in driving growth in the real estate industry.

The Results

Sales Growth: The combination of strategic social media promotion and paid advertising campaigns resulted in an impressive 100% increase in sales for Creative Homes.

Improved Visibility: Our targeted social media promotion and paid advertising efforts expanded Creative Homes’ brand visibility and engagement, reaching a wider audienceW

Increased Organic Traffic: Through effective marketing strategies and compelling content, we generated a substantial increase in organic traffic to Creative Homes’ social media accounts.

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