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CarryFast Group, a prominent logistics and supply chain solutions provider.

Objective: To enhance CarryFast Group’s brand identity and amplify digital engagement through strategic branding and social media marketing.

Brand Strategy Development: Conducted a comprehensive analysis of CarryFast’s market position to formulate an effective branding strategy.


Visual Branding: Undertook a complete redesign of the logo and standardized the visual theme across all digital platforms.


Social Media Marketing: Executed a targeted social media strategy, focusing on platforms with the highest engagement from CarryFast’s audience.


Content Creation and Distribution: Developed and disseminated diverse content, including articles and infographics, across multiple channels.


Engagement and Community Building: Enhanced community interaction and responsiveness on social media platforms.




The strategic branding and social media marketing efforts for CarryFast Group led to a substantial enhancement in their brand presence and online engagement. These initiatives not only solidified their position in the logistics industry but also set the stage for sustained growth and digital interaction, as evidenced by the impressive improvement in key performance metrics

The Results

Enhanced Brand Identity: Achieved a 35% increase in brand recognition through the revamped visual branding and strategy.


Increased Digital Engagement: Social media followers grew by 50%, with a 40% increase in overall engagement rates.


Improved Online Visibility: Website traffic surged by 60%, with a significant improvement in search engine rankings due to optimized content marketing.


Positive Customer Feedback: Customer satisfaction scores rose by 25%, reflecting a stronger brand perception and service approval.


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