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Binomo, a leading online trading platform, sought to expand its presence in the Indian market by running a Cost Per Deposit (CPD) and Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) campaign. The campaign aimed to increase brand awareness, attract new traders, and boost trading activity in India.


Entering a competitive market with established players.

Building trust among Indian traders.

Achieving a high volume of deposits and acquisitions in a cost-effective manner.


Increase the average deposit amount.

Generate a trading volume of 13,200 transactions.

Target the Indian market effectively within a 110-day campaign duration.


Tailored marketing for the Indian market.

Educational content and local support.

Incentives and promotions.


Binomo’s targeted CPD & CPA campaign in India was a resounding success, achieving the set objectives within the specified timeframe. By customizing their approach to the Indian market, offering educational content, and providing localized support, Binomo not only attracted a substantial number of traders but also built a strong foundation for long-term growth in the region.

The Results

Binomo’s CPD & CPA campaign in India achieved impressive results:


  1. Average Deposit: The average deposit amount surpassed expectations, reaching $113, indicating a high level of engagement and commitment from Indian traders.


  1. Trading Volume: Binomo successfully generated a trading volume of 13,200 transactions, meeting its target within the 110-day campaign duration.


  1. Market Penetration: The campaign significantly increased Binomo’s visibility and trust within the Indian market, allowing them to compete effectively with established players.
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